Just the newest meat sheild

Hey folks. Joined after seeing a recruitment thread on r/DTG. Hoping some of you fools are active late at night like me.

Any who, thanks for letting me hang out here in the meantime!


Welcome Durpadu.

I see you’re on Xbox, right now I can see @Bmf1500 is playing D2.

We’ll get you added to the @DestinyPlayers forum group, the Xbox club on XBL, the in-game clan for D2 and the FL of those who play D2 on XBL.

I’ll add you on XBL (Olz 2), though I don’t play D2 on that platform.

Playing anything else these days or is D2 your focus?
What you looking forward to next?
RDR2? Anthem?

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Welcome to the community. We have a large active group playing D2 right now. Including myself.

We already have a dedicated meat shield. @valiantvictory has claimed that title.

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Honestly, I dont have anything on deck atm. Limited time leaves me with Destiny and my WoW addiction that i drip feed lol

EDIT: just sent a request to the XBL clan

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Guess I have to take that title then!

I was almost a real life meat shield, but then I went ordinance instead :wink:

Welcome aboard.

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Welcome! You picked a great day as it’s community night…most of us are on around 9 est until we fall asleep (old guys). I’m one of the destiny leaders for Xbox if you have any questions. I look forward to gaming with you.

Welcome to GRG!

I added you to my friends list and got you added to the GRG XBox club (thanks @unobtainaballs)

XBox GT: Lala Calamari



Thanks Lala, added back

Welcome…meat shield here…but if you wanna be meat shield, I can be bullet sponge

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Welcome to the family ground pounder

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Well, how about this: we shield the meat together

Er, I’m not entirely sure you are meant to be shielding meat…

Welcome to GRG !

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Welcome to GRG!

I’ll send you a FR (SoInZane) on XBL although I am playing D2 on the PS4.