Karas Sherpa Party - Destiny [PS4] 2/5



There has been a few new players on my friends list that have either purchased Destiny for the first time or have come back and got the Taken King DLC and have helped get them level up. I have done everything from give them tips and explain things to running through story, strikes, and even raiding with them. I and many of the others who frequently play Destiny with me have had a lot of fun in doing so. This has led me to make this event that if anyone on the PS4 side needs help with anything PVE or PVP related I will be on around 7 EST. I will make a chat party called “GRG Destiny” for all to join. If you don’t have me added feel free to send a friend request to ikaras- and party up.

Originally published at: http://grimreapergamers.com/events/2016/02/2983/