Lala's girlfriend is a movie star now... Chappie Trailer.

So Yolandi and her bro are co-starring in a movie that reminds me of Short Circuit…

Yolandi and Ninja are two very talented people. I’m sure this movie will win an Oscar!

Don’t catergorize me with that crack whore.

well thats WAY different than the teaser trailer i saw at the theater… hugh jackman playing a villian is interesting… not super evil, but he’s still the villian.

this director always makes these sci-fi movies that are like live action anime… i didnt care for district 9. i was excited about elysium, but was meh after i watched it… i feel like this will be the same.

I was mildly interested in this movie… until I found out those two crack fiends are in it. Who in their fucking right mind would cast those to idiots?

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This comment is a bannable offense in GRG. But you’re Claude so I’ll let it slide.

This comment is fully right on target! No ban

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Aren’t the little crack whore, her brother and the director all from South Africa?

Yes they are.

I think I will wait before go to the theater to see this .

I never doubted their acting abilities. Die Antwoord can do no wrong!

Also turning in enjoyable performances are Ninja and Yo-Landi Visser, a duo perhaps better known as the South African rap-rave group, Die Antwoord. They play potential future versions of themselves, post-music career, who have traded their old life for one of less-than-legal activities. They act as surrogate parents to Chappie, teaching the newly conscious robot a rather skewed view of the world in an attempt to help themselves out of a predicament. Like real parents, the two don’t always see eye-to-eye on the best way to bring up their adopted offspring, and watching Chappie navigate that conflict is another great aspect of the movie.

Good God. I can almost smell the crack burning and taste the vomit watching that nasty shit.

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So would you still fap to it?

I’m going to hate myself for watching this movie. Fuck, I hate you, lala.

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I hear it’s the movie of the year!

Managed to get a copy to watch. Great movie! Yolandi is so damn hot!

Actually, it was a decent movie. I enjoyed it.