Last wish:code wall

Here are the codes known so far for the last wish code wall…these are Easter eggs and warp gates that let you get grunt birthday party #11 (from halo) or a cool raid gear /warp to encounters (#4-7)…without fighting through the raid
Some additional info/advice:

  • To get to the wall of wishes, load up the raid and continue to the room before the first encounter (Kalli). Instead of starting the encounter, make a left and follow a series of grassy platforms with glowing plants. This will take you directly to the room. To input the code, shoot the panels and stand on the plate when finished.
  • Be careful with explosive/ricochet rounds, they can end up hitting other plates unintentionally.
  • The game will give you free primary ammo when you are running low.
  • As of now there seems to be no way to return to the wall after using a warp wish (besides going on another guardian or joining someone else’s lobby).
  • You CAN still access the chest between the 1st and 2nd encounter when using the warp. Free raid loot!
  • The chest from Wish 2 requires a glittering key.
  • It seems that with some crafty jumping, we can backtrack to get the chest between the 2nd and 3rd encounter as well.



Ah so that’s where the codes are coming from, those plates out in the world… haven’t run into any yet