Last wish XBOX raid Saturday 2/22 9pm

Let’s switch it up this saturday, instead of the garden let’s try running last wish. Were gonna be starting around 9pm est.

  • Signed up people gets spots before show ups (and showing up is fine but hard to plan for)
  • Our goals are to get our GRG guardians comfortable with working with each other and to have a good time (maybe get some loot).
  • Let us know if you are in by signing up below.

Let’s get you your 1 thousand voices!!


If my internet doesn’t crap out… I’m in :nerd_face:

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Before I forget, sonicmage said he would be on for the Saturday night raid so im signing him up lol

Im in

Sigmike02 is also in

Saturday, I will be there

Saturday night team
• banjo
• rebirth
• sigmike02
• sonicmage
• sour
• valiant

Let’s see about getting some alts signed up as well incase people have to take off early or cant make it. If we get enough alts we can run a second last wish or another raid.

Jordan is also putting his name down

Sounds like you guys have it covered this week. Good luck!