Latest from Massive on patch 1.1

EDIT: Sorry, I should probably summarize. They are definitely still running with the decreases in crafting. But, now EVERY named NPC will drop a High End item. LVL specific (lvl 30 tier one, lvl 31 tier 2, lvl 32 tier 3). This applies to PvE and the DZ enemies.

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Yeah, but some people don’t. They play missions and hear everyone over chat say “Oh shit, I got a (insert high end item here)!” I see this as a way to level the playing field for the people who may not have any high end stuff, and for the people that do to continue getting crafting materials for that next item. Gold becomes the new purple, and then they release some newer gear that’s better. It’s a loot game, and some people were feeling very “unlucky” with the current system. JS…