LawBreakers' First Gameplay Trailer Highlights A Grand Canyon In Transition

Up to 10 players can battle it out in maps including the one shown below, Grandview. According to Boss Key, the area has been taken over by a corporation run by perennial baddies, the Yakuza. From the looks of it, it appears to be near a particularly weird gravitational anomaly. Could that be the reason the criminal organization is interested in the site? Or are they just huge fans of natural splendor?

An extremely mobile and highly stylized combatant. Maverick is what you would get if you strapped armor made from an F-15 Fighter Jet onto a Spec Ops soldier. Maverick uses her jets to take to the sky and quickly move around the battlefield, raining down death with her Vulcan Gatling cannon and massively destructive Starfall ability, which allows her to take flight, then plummet, dealing massive damage to anyone caught in the blast.

As a well-rounded soldier, Breacher performs well in nearly any situation. His run-and-gun gameplay is well suited for novice and experienced FPS players alike. His assault rifle and sidearm have powerful and unique abilities, but still manage to feel comfortable and easy to use. Breacher excels at quickly subduing opponents and effectively supporting teammates.

An absolute brute. High durability and damage output, but very low mobility. Cronos charges the front lines, soaking damage for his allies and dishing out twice as much with his rocket launcher and ricochet grenades. Most opponents will want to stay as far away from Cronos as possible. If he gets too close to you, it’s probably too late – you’re already dead.

Kitsune is a fast, highly maneuverable melee fighter with deadly precision. She excels when she can get up close and personal, preferring to catch her opponents by surprise. Although she is not well-suited to tackling opponents head-on, what she lacks in durability she more than makes up for in damage output and mobility.

Yeah, a little Quake like with some of the elements from Titanfall, Halo, Blops 3 in there.

The developer, Cliff Bleszinski was a huge part of Unreal Tournament. So that is where that Quake-y style comes from. He also was the lead designer for Gears of War.

I know Cliffy-B’s history. I didn’t play much UT, I was more of a quake guy, so I wasn’t sure how similar those two are.

Those games were so long ago I barely remember them. I just remember Unreal being faster than COD.

I vaguely remember Quake, but it wasn’t like I played it a ton. I played Gears a lot more than Quake.

I loved playing Quake, I play a lot of UrbanTerror (Quake Mod) and have been for the past 9 years. Although UrbanTerror looks nothing like Quake its great.

This looks like it has to much going on at once, needs big maps for the movement system to work correctly

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Yeah this definitely quake / UT. Seems like it’s even more insane with the added Arial aspect added. Played an ass ton of quake 3 arena back in the day. Also some UT. Dont think I can keep up in my old age these days.

This game is coming out on PS4 and PC.
I know a couple of people have mentioned it over the last year or so.
Beta times below.

LawBreakers Closed Beta Start Times (June 28)
12PM EDT (Noon)

LawBreakers Open Beta Start Times (June 30)
12PM EDT (Noon)

LawBreakers Beta End Times (July 3)
12PM EDT (Noon)

@Razz256 had mentioned this one in chat today.