LED Recessed lights with Dimmer

I’ve been a LED holdout for a long time now. I have a ton of recessed lights in the house and I’m still using incandescent bulbs. It looks like I’m going to have to make the switch to LED light with the lack of availability of the incandescent bulbs.

The only reason I have not switched over is due to LED lights and their dimming range. Last set I tried would dim but never get low enough. We like to have the lights barely on when we watch TV or when I play the Sexbox. I know there are LED Dimmer switches and there are a ton of different bulbs / lights to try so I’m open to make the swap.

Anyone have any luck with this? I really want the lights to be barely fucking on. Is this possible with LED bulbs?

No, you’re fucked. Burn the house down and start fresh. Good luck.

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LED is still too expensive for me. cant get some dimmable halogens?