LEDs for shelves

Anyone here have or setup led lights? I’d like to put some behind my shelves I built.

Shelves https://imgur.com/a/ypZEu7J
(Yes I know they are far from perfect, but they work and I’m an amateur and made them from scratch out of old deck boards)

What do you mean by behind? And how are you wanting to turn them on/off?

I can see a couple ways of doing this, but it may have been better to think it out before building the shelves. Mainly so you could build a space into the shelf for The LED.

So one thing you can do is create step offs on the wall. This will pull the shelves out off of the wall and you can put the LED behind the wood to make it glow. This is probably not the best solution as The step offs may not support.

The other more practical way is to line the back of the shelf with another piece of wood and create a lip. You can hide the LED strips behind this and then illuminate from the rear.

Why I ask about power and control is if you want to get “permanent” you can run the wires behind the wall to each shelf and then to a switched outlet.

There are a few things you can do that could be pretty easy or a pain, but that’ll be determined on other factors and how much time or energy you want to commit to these.

Or, honestly you can place a thin strip on the bottom of the shelf where the car is and call it a day. You can get strips anywhere including amazon or ikea even.

Yeah strip lighting works great. I put some around my daughter’s room. Comes with the 3m glue already on it. I got the puck lights for the arcade. Both came with remotes to change colors and stuff.

May look into those. They are just hung from a single screw each and this will be permanent.