Level 32

I have reached level 31 with all 3 characters. The Crota raid has granted me boots and gloves for all three also. Working on bringing those up. Point is if anyone is gathering a room to run the raid feel free to invite me in. If you see me trying to solo the raid (before the patch) join the fun.

Are boots and gloves along with one piece of exotic armor enough to get to level 32?

No, but I have an exotic helmet for all three characters and an exotic chest piece for two of them. If I get a raid helmet or chest piece I can switch the exotic gear and then all I need is the shards to level them up.

Having rank four with Eris helps. Turn those energies into shards.

You’d have to be raiding several times a week with three characters to get the shards.

I have 38 shards now and would need 63 to level up one character. Not using them yet because I don’t know which character is going to get the drops.

Does Bungie even know what is going to drop radiant materials anymore?