Leviathan Raid

Going to be attempting a Leviathan raid clear if anyone is interested in joining, we will be trying to get the legend of acrius for peeps so feel free to join up. Probably going to start the raid at the normal time around 9 pm tonight

@destinyplayers I want I’m but I have about an hour of kid stuff to take care of so it will be close

I havent done this raid yet so id like to join , ill just have to see if i can get on by then

Message me on Xbox if or when you hop on so I know you’re down

Will do

What’s average length? Time wise?

Aw shit, missed this. My lazy ass passed out on the couch early.

Did you guys get a party and a clear?

Got a party but due to some…complications among the first exam we weren’t able to clear past the first encounter at dogs

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man, worst… timing… ever… haha cant make it but good luck guys!