LFG 12/12 Tuesday Tater Day

Let’s the get the LFG thread going. Who’s playing what? And who wants to group up?

I’ll be on Farming Simulator 17 early tonight 7pm est, working the “Old Time” farm for a bit moving hay bales. Then will probably jump over to a FPS around 9pm est, COD zombies would be cool.

So hit up XB1 GhstWlkrs or join party if you want in.


I will be running this tonight…


Will probably be playing ARK DLC up until that point.


I might be trying out the new Destiny 2 changes.

Plus some Warframe - though my progress is slowing down there - need to look at weapon builds I think…

I’ll be down to run some Pubg. Add to the tater factor!

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If my sanity holds out, I’ll be doing some D2 and if I no longer have my sanity, I’ll do some CoD as well.

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I forgot about PlayerUnknow’s Battlegrounds… I’ll be getting this one really soon, I just picked up WW2 last night.

Hit up @beers_and_leafs for some CoD action. He’s always playing.

We’ had a good squad going tonight in PUBG. Stupid Blue Ring of Death was our biggest hurdle. We got down to #6 one round. Even after @MrWhiskerBizkit drove our Jeep off a cliff knocking @mnvikesfan and I out. I had no luck with finding any decent scopes tonight, it was maddening. I bailed from my group early (had to help the youngest with a paper that was due). I went solo after that was done but had no luck. Couldn’t find a car one match and got killed by the ring. 2nd match I backed up to what I thought was a bathroom with no other entrance, turns out it there was. Got killed from behind.

Played a solo PUBG and was #2 and then jumped in Ark with @TheBodyFarmer and @anon42851937.

Ark Abberation is a good expansion. Flips the script on some of the things you know, and adds some new challenges to the existing game with the new creatures and the tripping shrooms.


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My friend one time injected 2 whole marijuanas and died.

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