LFG August 22, 2017 9pm EST

What’s everyone up to tonight?

@ESOPlayers up for some Pledges tonight? This will be the last run before the DLC drops next week and the servers become overloaded.

@OverwatchPlayers @BattlefieldPlayers @codplayers @PlayStationPlayers @PCGamers what are you guys getting into this evening?

I’m in for pledges, or whatever. I should get my NB set up for some dual wield pve goodness.

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Madden 18 all day every day until D2 hits.


Also in for pledges

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I should be able to make it.

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More Lawbreakers for me. Melt some faces off.

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I’ll be on but I’ll be about an hour or so late.

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Perhaps some Head to Head?!?!?!

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Hopefully I can catch you and we melt some faces together tonight.

Anyway, barring anything supernatural, I’ll be running around on lawbreakers or if nobody is on, I’ll be doing some warframe stuffs

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I’ve tried load multiple games on Xbox.


I haven’t been able to get anything to work

I didn’t have any problems but sometimes the outage is regional.

I was able to sign on but I know others couldn’t @Grex couldn’t kick off any games.

Sucked as I was looking forward to some ESO. I played Warframe solo instead.

I tried multiple games. Couldn’t load anything. Pretty disappointed since I had to get back to renovations. Was looking forward to some down time.