LFG Destiny 2 9/10


Daily LFG Destiny 2 Posting. Post up what your trying to do through out the day and get grouped up.


Right now I am Level 13/ Light Level 134.

Been running campaign and public events. Bout to jump into some Crucible Matches.

XB1 GT: GhstWlkrs

I’ll be back on about 8pm.
Would like to finish the campaign, but up for whatever.

Finish the story and get to 20. This way earnings from the crucible aren’t wasted.

should probably do that huh.

Lets see… This is my next campaign mission. LvL 15/ LL: 149

Campaign: The Red War
Location: IO
Asher Mir
The Rupture, Echo Mesa
Asher Mir has an idea for how to deal with…,; Find im in the Rupture.

Bang out a few adventures, you’ll level up quickly.

Done and done.

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Finished the Story Last night. Good Times.

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Finished the story yesterday and played some crucible with @EnyoBellona @SALT and @RevenantZodiac before my power got wiped out by Hurricane Irma, that bitch had to ruin everything