LFG Fortnite BR (PS4 / XBL)

Anyone up for playing some Fortnite BR?
Can play on either XBL or PSN.

I’ll be around for the next 3 hours ish from now.
Let me know here so I know which console to boot up!

I’ll be up for some on XB1 in about an hour if you are still looking for someone.

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GG @unobtainaballs @FrozinIce @Scarebearz. Even if I had zero luck finding weapons off the drop most of the night.

Best part of the night was when @unobtainaballs was amazed at all the gold SCARs he found…(there’s on here, one there. 3 gold scars in one building…) Guess he didn’t hear me say I was switching over to the Solid Gold Game mode.

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I did not hear you say that…

I was equally confused by the nonchalance you and Frozen were responding with.

Then I offered some of the guns I’d been finding to you guys and you were like, nah we’re good / we found some too.

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That’s funny. I thought you were messing with me. BTW, that gold Rocket Launcher is just evil. It really tore apart our potato fort.

It was made of Brick, but that did not matter…

I love the speed of the rockets.
There is just enough time to absolutely panic and run about a bit like a headless chicken before it tears some of the walls down.