LFG - Friday 1/19

It’s Friday night! What are your gaming plans for the evening? Let us know and party up with your fellow GRG potatoes.

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Will be on PUBG, X1, tonight probably around 10ish EST. @PUBGPlayers

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On Xbox? I’ll probably be on most of the night

I’ll probably be on Overwatch after the 4pm PST game is over. If that’s not going well, ill be finishing some Origins provinces.

PUBG on Xbox I think. Wife is outta town so I’ll be gaming and drinking.


I’ll be on Destiny 2 (PS4) and am down to get a Raid in, attempt some Trials or just do whatever. I’ll have a party opened up so feel free to join.

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I’ll be on around 830-9 est and will be doing some D2 tonight


Going to be a game time decision for me. I’ll be on but I’m not really locked into a game. If I can get into a PUBG squad then I’ll probably run that.

If not then maybe some CoD, Division or ESO. I feel like @anon42851937, hedging like crazy.

I’m unlikely to be on.
Only omw home now and got to be up early tomorrow.

I’ll be in TESO tonight off and on, if anyone wants to group up.

I’ll be on The Division

I will be on D2 for awhile after 9 est.