LFG - GRG TESO Dungeon Dwellers Weekend (XBox 1)

If anyone is interested in running some dungeons throughout the weekend I will be on looking to get gear and rank up. If you see me online feel free to send me an invite or hop in the party. If we get a group I’d be down to give some Veteran Dungeons a go too.



I’m out until Sunday night. I’ll run some dungeons then if you want. Need gear for either my DK or Sorc. Both DPS (I’m a shitty team player).

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For sure… ha I’m mainly DPS too so sounds like we need a tank and a healer to keep our asses alive :sunglasses:

Looking for some Dungeon runs tonight @ESOPlayers . Do we have enough for a vet run or two? I really need a monster helm for my sorc.

If not, I’ll run whatever. I’ll probably be on around 9 PM EST. Let’s meet up in Guild Chat 1.

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I’ll be on here in a bit and will look for you tonight.

Good runs @SoInZane and @jamesfield48 (AKA Meatyshark, you should change your forum name to your xbox name).

We ran the daily random and the undaunted dungeons. Great XP for those that need it (@ESOPlayers ) and anyone at ANY LEVEL can run these. They scale to the player. So the lowbies shouldn’t be so shy and hop in next time.

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Thanks lala, I have been meaning to ask you how to do that?

Good runs indeed! And yeah great XP especially the first daily random.

ESO has become my new time killer and has me hooked. @ESOPlayers I am always down to help out with dungeons, world bosses, dolmens, delves, questing and any advice or general knowledge. If I am on feel free to join at any time or invite me.