LFG Sea of Thieves Hungering Deep

Looking for 2 scurvy sea dogs to hunt the megaladon! Starting right now! Xbox gt: YggBjorn


Pro-Tip and only the tip. Tag the group.

DOH! I hit up the LFG features on Xbox and found a crew. We also were able to recruit a sloop. We successfully got the shark after about 45 minutes of prep and ten minutes of battle.

Feels like that should be the other way around.
Still, sounds like the planning went well!

Just in case you want at least 100 cannon balls, 50 plank, 50 bananas, and you need at minimum 5 players with drums and hungering deep tattoos.

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Don’t get me wrong. I like the game. I was an alpha tester and beta tester. I like the look of it, the art style. I like the way it plays, the mechanics. However the grind required to get to legendary just to get more of the same content is daunting. This new content is fun, yet it requires finding someone on the server who wants to participate. We were lucky. Found a sloop who was interested about 20 minutes after starting to play. Asked two other galleons using the new speaking horn and got no answer. Few play the game in game chat as it can still be buggy.

If the event is still live this weekend and anyone wants to give it a try, just add my gamertag (YggBjorn) to your friends list and give me a shout. If you see me online send me a party invite or a message. I tend to get tunnel vision and don’t look at the phone or discord as much on the weekend.

The Hungering Deep lasts for one more week.