LFG Thread 8/5

The weekend is here! Tell us where you will be and get others to join in. Like Mr. Hustler says, Don’t Game Alone.

Pc - Albion Online and Warframe.
XB1 - Elder Scrolls online and was thinking some Forza Horizons 3

For Tomorrow 06AUG17:

Trying to buy a truck tonight. So we’ll see how late it is when I get home after work.
If you see me on, it will be BF4 or Overwatch. Jump in to either of those. More the merrier.

Albion Online or Dark and Light

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Pocket Pool all day.


I don’t care what we play. Send invite or I will jump in to whatever game. Should be on after 9 est.

Have a good group playing Dark and Light tonight. @PCGamers