LFG Weekend 13th-15th - What game tonight?

TGIF…Its the weekend and neckbeards are in full force. What game are you playing tonight? The is a plethra of ‘timmies’ that are ready to trask talk your abilities from their moms basement…Post your plans and lets get the groups going tonight and this weekend.

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No idea what ill be playing but ill be playing something. Ill be looking out for open parties or ill just spam party invites.


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I’ll likely be on for some Far Cry 5 tonight - if anyone is looking to co-op, just shoot me an invite.

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Either PUBG(PC), Sea of Thieves, or GTA5(PC).

I would like to run some Division 1.8 stuff on the XB1. Two new legendaries, maybe some survival or Resistance. Who’s interested??

Jumped in last night and getting Div Tech as rewards is soooooo nice.

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RDR, The Show 17 or 18, maybe some FC5 co-op or PUBG.

MHW or The Division on Xbox tonight 7-8ish est

I will likely be on The Division (PS4) checking out the 1.8.1 updates. Might also include some GR Wildlands (PS4) or switch over to ESO (XB1)

I’m up for GRW (free weekend) or Fortnite BR (not managed to play yet since the last update).

Will post here when I’m getting on.
Might play a little more Persona 5 earlier in the evening.

Don’t know what I’ll be playing been lazy past few days just binge watching some shows on hulu

I know Monster Hunter will be happening at some point. Also looking forward to Forza Sunday. Last week was a blast.

Monster Hunter World, Sea of Thieves, and FarCry5. Maybe load up Red Dead Redemption to see the new 4k textures.

Going on now.
Probably be on for a couple of hours.

Won’t play GRW by myself, so just shoot me an invite or msg on PSN if you want to play.

@DivisionPlayers on XB1 I am jumping on now. Shoot me an invite or just jump on in. Yes, I know it is late but I am on Pacific Time, so quit yer bitchin’

So fucking late.

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Need to bang out some Far Cry this week before God of War comes Friday.

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got the ps4?

On Albion Online atm but I will get on Monster Hunter in a few hours. Racing on Forza 7 tomorrow night. 24 person Lobby…need more racers

Signing on to Monster Hunter World

Going to be on Tera tonight. Anyone going to be on. @Rigonn @Deacin or whomever else plays that I cant think of right now.

Tagging @anon3687162, but who am I kidding.