Life long gamer

I’ve been looking for consistent weekend Fri and Sat night 7pm-the AM PC players looking for some good times and laughs with any multiplayer game on PC. If you think you fit the bill and have a chill personality with a sense of humor than by all means look up my steam tag maxxbiff. I play Guild wars 2, Starcraft 2, Apex, and most any popular AAA title on steam, Uplay and Origin. I am 33 and look forward to expanding my friends list past 2 lol.


Welcome to Grg I dont play a lot on PC but did just pick up Squad, more of an xbox player

Welcome to GRG! @therealkrobar get him added!

@PCGamers new one to add

Welcome Max.

We do have a Steam community group, I can get you added there, might make it easier to add some Steam tags.
I tend to stick to strategy games and the occasional RPG myself, never learnt k&m for FPS.

We also have a Discord server (links are around the site) which includes a channel for PC gaming.

My steam tag is unobtainable.

Hi max and welcome add me if you like I am a pc gamer .

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Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to the community.

we have a steam group @

Welcome to GRG!


Welcome dude! Feel free to add me, TheRealKrobar on Steam :slight_smile: