Link to some good ESO builds

For those looking at some builds. They have PvE and PvP builds. I use them as a guide for my setups. Remember, some of these builds are gear dependent. They may be hard to obtain unless you grind for gear. I use them more as a baseline and try to build towards something decent.

You can respec your guy. I say run the stuff you want. Use these guides as a baseline. Use the weapons you like. It’s more important to get the attributes correct. It’s more important all in on Stamina or Magicka based on the style you want. And to choose the attacks that use those attributes. Don’t pick stamina attacks if you’re building a Magicka build.

Also, learn some of the combos. For instance, when my Sorcerer uses a magic ability he has the chance to “proc”. His hands will glow and so will the health bar. I can then insta cast Crystal Fragments and deal massive damage. That’s the shit that’s important.

BTW, you can respec in any of the Capital Cities.


I just respekt my original battlemage I was using before all the changes. Thought I could fix her and would be able to use her effectively. She’s too broken and will delete this one now. Trying to decide if I want to take the time and level a Dragon Knight tank or not. I just finished leveling 2 characters to 160 which was already a massive undertaking. Having a tank would be pretty handy though.

My build for Sorcerer is using something similar to the PVP version of that build. Destro / Restro staff. I’m gathering Spinners gear as it’s pretty easy to farm. I also just realized that I could upgrade dropped gear. So now I’m turning the green / blue Spinners to purple.

He’s pretty nasty right now.

Also, let me know if you all need cash to respec. While I don’t make the riches off Guild stores I do have a good amount of gold saved up. I can cover the cost.

My mage is a DPS machine. I just leveled her up alongside my Templar healer. I can solo most dungeons and delves without a worry. I was even soloing Dolmens last night and only came close to dying once. So for a DPS toon, I’m set. I need a meat shield though. Someone who can stand in the thick of it and absorb all those nasty archers while the group hits them from the sides. Someone who’s able to pull enemies off other players and be the main focus of damage received. I just read one of the builds above for the Dragon Knight. I may attempt an Orc build and go two handed or another sword and board.

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I’m toon leveled out. I’m trying to get the templar up but I just finished the nightblade. Not sure I can deal with it. Doesn’t help that I’m not sure wtf I want to do with the class. I should probably set him up to tank. I don’t know.

It’s tough. I hate leveling toons and it starts to get confusing when you play more than 1 at a time. I’m going to try a different alliance and maybe keep it interesting that way. I should have done this when the double xp was on, but I was too busy leveling those other 2 toons. Plus with a new character I could focus on another crafting ability. The other two cover Smithing/Clothing/Woodworking. I may try Provisioning or enchanting. We’ll see if my interest will hold or if I abandon this one after a few days. I hate grinding.

I gained a ton of levels. I can’t go separate alliances as I wan to keep them all ready for PvP. I paid attention to the quests and story during the first toon. 3rd toon? I just spam through it. I already know the story.

That’s a good way to level. Que up for some dungeons as well using the activity finder. Set your role at the top and grab some gear and xp that way. You learn your strengths and weaknesses pretty quickly rolling through those areas.

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I would love to see this game follow warcraft and offer dual specs. Where you can flip specs based on what you want to play at that moment.

I will start looking through these.

What is your class and what do you want to do? What weapons do you like?

At your level your goal is just to level things to get to that build. A lot of skills may not even be available yet.

Templar Wolf Elf working on Stamina DPS. Haven’t decided on the weapon I like best yet. Trying out the Bow some now.

Prolly something like that was linked up in the first post…

Reading is hard