Long time listener, first timer caller


Name’s Rodrigo, but I got by Pucho. Currently residing in sunny ol’ Pennsylvania. I’m 39, but about 15 at heart. Play lots of video games on PC, Switch and sometimes PS4. Usually go around FPS games, COD, Overwatch, and plenty of SP games on steam too.

I also dabble on 3d modeling and sculpting. So I’m at my PC a lot of my day whether I’m playing or sculpting/painting.

Glad to be here!!!


Welcome to the community.

Welcome to Grg its good to have you. @PCGamers got a new person to game with

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to GRG! I see you’re already in the @PCGamers group. I’ve added you to the @PlayStationPlayers and the @NintendoSwitchGamers as well.