Looking for a third ReaperCast guest for tonight 1/2

Jammer has the sniffles and is a scratch for tonight. We’re looking for a third person to hop on the ReaperCast tonight. We’ll be on 8:30 PM EST using Discord. Post up if interested. Must have a decent mic.

Topic will be GRG’s Games of the Year 2017.

We’d also love to spotlight a member that hasn’t been on prior. Let me know if interested.


Amateurs can’t do it with just the two of them. My power is growing.

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it would be so cool…buuuuut my earbuds on my iphone prolly not gonna cut it

cant a person just use the headphones/mic they game with?

Yes, they could. Provided it works well with discord.

@Lala_Calamari DM me on discord…lets talk tech there

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