Looking for folks to play with

Hey gang, I have a 27 Hunter on the PS4 and a 24 Warlock on the Xbox One and I’m looking for folks to run dailies, weeklies, and raids with. Obviously, I’m still working on gearing up my characters, the main reason being I haven’t found people to raid and run weeklies with, so Legendaries, Exotics, strange coins, etc. have been very hard to come by. I’d LOVE to find some folks to play with, sherpa me, etc.

I’m usually available Monday and Tuesdays after 5 Pacific and other evenings after 9 Pacific. Please feel free to add me and let me know if you’d like to play. I love Destiny, but am finding it difficult to progress (side note: I sure wish they’d offer an easier way to gain legendary and exotic rewards from Crucible…)

PS: evil_mike
Xbox: evil m1ke


That’s fine. I usually play the Xbox One version with my 8 year old son, so we’ll have a kid to carry us :smile:

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What platform? I don’t have you on my PS4 friends list (on Destiny now)

I don’t really feel like I gave this game enough of a chance but am so far behind rank wise I don’t even know if I should bother.

Yeah fuck that guy

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Ah, damn. I didn’t get this in time. Shoot me a FR on Xbox. I’d love to get my 24 warlock some exotic gear (and log my son’s guy in and get him something too) the next time around.

I logged on just to see and you should all be lining up to play with someone that really sucks and is ranked at 9! Take a number everyone!!!

If you see me on the XBone just shoot me a message. I’m mostly in the Crucible but I do the challenges with D3ATHH3AD.

Side note, never finished a raid yet but I have a Crota CP from running the raid with some clan guys. Still need to finish it.

GT: MTFU Cpl Larg

Cool! Thanks guys. I’ll add you when I get in front of a computer or my One. I’m usually playing Destiny with my son if I’m on the One…hope you guys are okay with him tagging along with us.

I have a lvl 31 Titan on PSN, add me if you need help: AlphaMack

I would love to get in on the raids also since I have a hard time getting leveled up in Destiny