Lost in Space (Spoilers)

Anyone watching this? I’m on episode 3 and so fare it’s pretty solid. Great special effects.

One thing that’s odd is how much the mom blindly trusts that robot. “oh, he’s fine. he’s cute, we’re all safe…”

The Dr. Smith aspect is pretty cool. Will be interesting to see how that plays out.

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Watched the first episode and found it enjoyable.

BTW, for those slow like I am, the dad is Captain Flint from Black Sails.

Or the Bond bad guy from Die Another Day.

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Just started but it has me watching…like 15 minutes…Hope to have more time soon…but fo sho it looks good

Like the show so far. Interesting that the Dr. Smith is being played by a woman unlike the original tv show or the movie that flopped.

Dr. Smith in the TV show was pretty close to a woman as you can get.

Changing this to SPOILERS since a decent amount of members are watching.

I am now on the 3rd episode and enjoying it.

really good show, Think I got to episode 4 last night.

Man writers at Entertainment Weekly loaded up on shitty reviews of the show giving it a D+.

Of all the Netflix titles they shit on this one? While this is no Firefly, it wasn’t awful. It’s more of a family friendly scifi show.

I’m really shocked by the D rating.

I don’t understand the hate either. Compared to a lot of trash Netflix has put out show wise it was fairly good. Granted there was some roll your eyes moments but the story and effects weren’t half bad. Only draw back was the woman playing dr Smith was from the movie Best In Show. For the life of me I couldn’t get it out of my head. Lol.

I just finished it, it was decent/good. I think trying to stick to the PG rating kept it from being a bit more raw. I’m pretty sure they would have had Dr. Smith picking people off like Dexter if they could get away with it. Or, the environment swallowing people up like red shirted crewmen.

The space family who keeps secrets that gets evryone in danger.

Lets not tell anyone the planet is dying. Heaven forbid you pull everyone together and figure out a solution. They talk about the rigorous testing everyone had to do to qualify for the program but wouldnt consider troubling them because they may panic.

Lets stash Dr Smith away because we found out shes not who she says she is but we’ll just tell the kids to not go in the garage area.

sorry they got it wrong…I know i carry a fanboi card but this was great!

There were things that did not make sense at 1st that made me want to stop…for exemple the razor rain, if that was a thing: then either the plants grow and recover really fast or it was the first time in this planets history that we see this…turns out both were true…good writing…

sure problems like the robot fixing everything early then being the problem later…ok to be worth watching it needs something, drama seems to be the thing.

Everything (ships, fuel, getting more fuel and launch explosion and tar pit) failing or being impossible (planet is gonna die) then last minute will either fixes it (bat poop) or makes it worse(lets smith out)…drama but its no worse than others

and shit on this one?

Iron fist anyone?

I liked how they made the robot of alien origin. The kid was annoying, but he was being manipulated by Dr. Smith.

Havent watched yet but plan on getting to it soon. Thanks for the reviews

Finished the last episode of season one last night. Overall I enjoyed the season. Decent sci-fi. Good production values. Great acting. Debra is my favorite. Didn’t get enough screen time. The physics could use some tweaking. I prefer hard sci-fi over soft sci-fi, but any sci-fi is better than no sci-fi.