Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer

I’ve been waiting years, It’s so close. only 6 more weeks.


Sweet. New mad max.

this one seems the whole thing takes place during the convoy… unless all these scenes are from the last… 30-45 minutes of the movie… cant wait.

intriguing cast also.

Right. Is the whole movie the convoy? Cause I might be ok with that. Twisted cars, explosions and guns. All good in my book.

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Was there a glimpse of the thunderdome in there?

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It just looks like they ripped off Borderlands.


WHA!. More like the other way around. You do know that Mad Max came out in '79 right?

EDIT: hmmm,. April fools

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If thats your cup of tea check out the Death Race series lol

YES! i only watched the first, tho… didnt bother since the other 2 were direct to DVD… are they as good as the first? semi truck drilling the passenger in the porche still makes me queezy.

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Being of the younger scale of the age for this clan, Thunderdome was my first ultraviolent movie (thanks dad). I have been a huge fan sInce. I honest credit the Mad Max movies for turning me into the action movie junkie I am now lol. This is gonna be fucking amazing though

ive never seen mad max… i watched The Road warrior but then when i was gonna watch MM netflix took it off… i saw it when i was little but dont really remember it. I love the world they built. and of course his car.

Actually 3 wasnt that bad. 2 Just wasnt that great in my eyes. Have you seen the original (1975)? Honestly my favorite one

They have a box set of the MM trilogy on sale at Best Buy

no i havent seen the original, its on my netflix quee but i have too much other shit to watch

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I was thinking the same thing.

Wheres the damn dislike button? Im a huge fan of both but as said above, MM was way before Borderlands

yeah, i thought you guys were kidding. Borderlads was heavily inspired by mad max. I mean shit, Mad Mel… Mad Max was played by mel gibson… MAD MEL… GET IT???

Yup saw the first Death Race. Pretty cool. Did not make it through the 2nd one. Have not seen the original from back in the day. Did not know there was one. Will need to check it out.

Looks awesome. Can’t wait to see it in the theater. I’ve seen all the Max Max movies and my favorite is Beyond Thunderdome, merely because it’s the one I saw first as a kid and I watched it a million times. The other ones are great though. I’m sure if I was a bit older and saw 1 or 2 first those would be my favs. It’s just a nostalgic thing I guess.

Full Final Trailer released today: