Madden 18 GRG League

2nd favorite Arnold movie behind Commando. Actually have Terminator 1 and Total Recall on bluray. Running Man is great too.

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When do you guys want to do the draft?

Some of us get the game on Tuesday and some of us get it Friday. Do you guys want to aim for Saturday the 26th? If so what time?

I have to work Saturday, so it would have to be nighttime, or I can do it Sunday evening or Monday(all day)

I fired Garrett and Kimble took over. I’m good to draft after the coming Friday, as I should finally be settled in my own place. I’m working a lot of hours so if it’s a weekday, it’ll have to be after 9e at the earliest, but I’m off on the weekends, so I’m available whenever.

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Saturday night is out for me. Cooking all day for the :cough: Fight of the Century :cough: and having people over. Anytime Sunday works

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Sunday evening works for me. @bigtrees86 can you make it Sunday?

Sunday won’t work. I am going to the Vikings game that night. Starts at 7 cst. The rest of the weekend works for me, or monday night.

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I would be okay with a Monday Night draft. Just add it to my other 40 Fantasy Football drafts.

Ok so how about Monday?

@shortbus @TEXENT @bigtrees86 @beers_and_leafs

I have to get my ugly sleep so 9:30 Eastern would be the latest I can start.

Sounds good to me.

works for me

Monday works for me

Good here in the North

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How does the draft work?

Since this would be the initial season for the Connected Franchise all NFL players would go into one talent pool and each team would select until their roster is complete. Very similar to a Fantasy Football draft. I believe there are 52 rounds, but in the past leagues with GRG we’ve auto-filled after the 20th pick or so. Once you have your Offensive and Defensive Studs locked in the rest are role players.

Then each consecutive season we would just draft the college eligible prospects.

Article from Last Year, but good concept explanation.

Updated Madden 18 Article


The draft and developing rookies are my favorite part of the game.


@bigtrees86 if you have time before Monday start you own franchise with fantasy draft. Run through the draft to get familiar with it. It will help you when we do ours. Especially getting an idea of when certain positions comes off the board.

@shortbus I am reading that article about drafting a superstar. Who ever wrote it would hate me. I am so different than them. QB and RB probably won’t be in my top 5 picks lol.

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Looks like I get to play everyone in Season 1.

Week 3 vs Beers(If Raiders)
Week 8 vs Texent
Week 10 vs BigTrees
Week 12 vs Shortbus
Week 13 vs Texent
Week 17 vs Shortbus

That’s it, I’m changing teams.

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Hey guys I just got a call from my guard unit. Looks like I am going to be away from home basically all of September. Is this going to kill my involvement in the league?