Madden 18 GRG League

It’s almost time for Madden 18. Who wants in?

@TEXENT @shortbus @beers_and_leafs and myself played many, many seasons of Madden 17.

More than likely this will be a Fantasy league. Meaning we will draft our teams from the whole NFL pool. We like to try and get in a few games a week, but play as fast as the slowest person. If you hold the league up to much we will sim your game and advance.

If you want to play sign up below. I would like to get this started the week of release.

No Brainer Here. Count me in

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Fantasy is the way to go. Which division are we going with this year? I vote AFCN so I can bring Tomlin back

I vote NFCW, Donkey Teeth will be making a comeback as the Coach of the Future

I don’t care. I will be changing everything any way.

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Why not? You guys need someone to beat up on.

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The League has been created.

GRG Fantasy League
Password: grg2017grg

Same settings as last year. Using new competitive mode (User plays are awarded, less random events).

BTW I am the Redskins. If you want to join that division. @TEXENT called the Cowgirls. Good rivalries in this division.

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How do I pick? Is there a new companion app?

I guess I can do it through the trial?

Also, I joined late last time. Are we just picking a team as is or is there a draft of some kind?

I’m gonna take New England.

I did it through the trial. Fantasy draft.

I will take the New York Football Giants… MOAR Head to Head!!!
The difference between Arcade and Simulation is pretty apparent, can’t wait to get to Competitive Mode.

what are the details? how does the league work?

All pro setting
Fantasy draft
Play 3 to 4 games a week

Just join the league. It’s the same as playing a franchise solo except you have the chance for head to head games against us. We have off-season after each year and tend to play about 10 years before changing it up and starting over.

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all right im in


Just to clarify - fantasy draft? So, at the beginning of the season we will be having a draft for our rosters? If so, fuck NE I’m going Raiders.

Yes, that’s right. All fantasy teams, with the draft obviously before the season. Takes about hour to hour and half to draft if I remember right.

More importantly, are we using K&P names or some other silly shit this year?

My suggestion would be movie Characters portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger

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I call John Kimble, aka Kindergarten Cop


John Matrix, aka Commando

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Harry Tasker, True Lies…just because…


I went with Conan Destroyer, but might have to change that to one of these:

Douglas Quaid or Ben Richards