Make sure you re-download World of Tanks . This is mandatory !!!

Make sure you re-download the game to get you free tank and all the other stuff that was not in the Beta . When you played the Beta , you only got a few maps to test on . New maps and other improviments have been added the game since then . The download is 7.8 G and will take about an hour to do , There will been many more maps added to the game in the following weeks as soon as they are done polishing into HD format for the Xbox One . You will have about 12 maps to begin playing on with fifteen more to come in the future . All DLC is free to get when they come out .

Do I need to delete the previous version and then download the newest? I see the game is a 16 GB dl.

I never played world of tank’s what is the appeal?

A bunch of old farts moving slow in tanks, that pretty much covers it

Give it a try, you might like it.

I will admit, it is slower than the run, die, run, die games like Call of Duty.

You die once you’re done for the game.

you do not need to re-download. the game will update.