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Mostly play on Xbox, i do have a gaming laptop but due to not having enough hard drive space its quite limited for games. Got 2 cats n a dog. I got League of Legends and Paladins on pc. would be nice to find someone to play with in LOL. Generally most gaming time will be spent on Xbox. Red Dead Online, Paladins, Apex, Black Desert, Outriders once its out and Destiny 2 since it has enough content now after 2 years. Generaly i know forums can be updated therefore i logged in went clikety around read the replys n stuff. So for new info my cats are named Kuro and Viiru tho i call em Asshole (Kuro) and Naggy Bitch (Viiru) my dogs name is Vivian and shes completely the reason i got back into Paladins like 4 years ago since at that time the new champion was Vivian. Also iam kinda looking for actual work around gaming hence im starting a Youtube channel and streaming more then likely further on. Ytube channel focus will be helpfull vids for new players from games i actually know wtf im on about Paladins will be big part of that since theres a lot of vids but no real Hey thisl help vids


Welcome to the community, I’ll tag the @XBoxGamers and @destinyplayers so they know we got another person to help out for ya

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Welcome…I’m no Sherpa or outstanding player but i’m the destiny welcome wagon…i have 1000s of hours in that game and happy to get you headed in the right direction…that game is always better with ppl to game with. we have GRG parties every night and tend to group up well…hmu, gt is same


Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to GRG!

I added you to my friends list as well as the @destinyplayers and @XBoxGamers Group.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari


righty il be sure to accept n stuff

oh theres possible to be too fast to reply therefore il just say this whoever adds me or tell me to add for em Destiny or any game i tend to play i will add em back. i hope to have fun and be helpfull as to return in kind

Welcome to GRG

GT is beers and leafs on the XBone

Welcome Maker! I’m an Xbox destiny player myself. Gt is reapindasoulz.

oh its you, sry i checked discord and clan but couldent find anyone with that name so ive been negletting it. il add you back today in a min. i will check forums every week or so.

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No problem. I’m on a lot on the weekends so if you ever want someone to run with, just let me know.

Cant find it but whatever was gonna edit the post one more time. in Short TMI ← doesnt exist in my head. you have been warned