Marshmello puts on a concert in Fortnite

My kid was so excited for this today, he’s a big Marshmello fan. This was pretty cool, they did a little mini concert within the game. And I’ll admit, I like a few of his songs. Fly and Happier are both good.

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I wouldn’t know who Marshmello is even if he walked up to me with a name tag that says, “Hi, I am Marshmello.”


He wears a big marshmello on his head. So he basically does have name tag.

So I would just think it is a weird dude with a thing on his head…


You have 2 kids of your own and you work at a highschool, how the hell do you not know who he is? Take off the blinders old man. Christ, even I am up on current music trends.

Regardless, I thought this was a pretty cool event. Not really my music but was neat to see.

I’m with Jammer on this one!!!

That really surprises me.

I was there and it was awesome. Other game companies should be watching and learning. Epic really keeps things fresh.

I completely agree. Say what you will but Epic is constantly updating and changing Fortnite. They really are doing everything correct for a Free to Play game. I wish I was better at it and that more GRG played.

And the concert was awesome, I watched part of it live with my kid then watched the entire thing later. Way better than the Superbowl Halftime Show. It was a lot of fun.

With 10 million concurrent players in game it was apparently a success.

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Wow. I hadn’t seen the numbers yet. I’m like you Lala. It’s a shame GRG doesn’t play more of this. With Playgrounds, we could have some GRG matches. Plus with everyone else not being able to build, it would be hilarious.