Marvel Heroes 2016 Announced, Secret Invasion Story and controller support Coming

Developer Gazillion has announced the next phase for Marvel Heroes 2015 — and that’s Marvel Heroes 2016, which brings new stories, controller support, and more this December.

Skrulls, including Kl’rt the Super-Skrull, lead the Secret Invasion story chapter, which is finally coming to Marvel’s dungeon-crawling RPG. In addition to new campaign missions, older 2013 character models are getting visual improvements. The Mac version of Marvel Heroes is also exiting its year-long beta phase.

On the smaller side of fan-demanded updates, Marvel Heroes wil add leaderboards, Steam Achievements, and game pad functionality. In the months after Marvel Heroes 2016 release, Gazillion will add the dinosaur-filled Savage Land Patrol Zone, a Thanos Raid, and other unannounced content to come next year.

Here is the trailer from 2015 relaunch:

Thing im excited most for is controller support. I’m sure they are interested in bringing this to consoles, and im interested in playingit but i never did cuz lack of support.

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I tried this game, just never got into it. It just felt like a lot of running around and chaos. Other than playing the different hero’s, which you either unlock with grinding or pay money, was the only thing that was interesting to me about the game.

when did you try it? heard it went through a big change but i never played.

its been awhile. maybe 3 months i guess. cant remember.

hm word… doesnt sound as diablo-ish as i was hoping…

wish activision would make another Ultimate Alliance