Meet BOOMStick...

Alright time to say Hi to everyone and tell ya a little bit about myself… Born and raised in the Midwest with values such as Sir and Ma’am. After High School went and played Navy for 10 years as an Aviation Orndnancemen (Bomb Builder, etc…). Left the Navy to be a Daddy before they grew up and went to college, Which is why I live in Florida now. Worked for a major class 1 Railroad for 3 years, then transfered to a smaller class 2 railroad when I got here to Florida. Went to college for Environmental and Health Safety (OSHA, EPA, FEMA, etc…), but im not an Environmental “hippie”, drill, frack and blast all ya want, just be responsible and dont injure anyone in the process. I have an XBOX 360 and a One, but now im pretty sure its just going to be Elder Scrolls for the next few months, except when my youngest Daughter is with me, then were playing Halo from CE to Halo 4 in order. I work midnights (EST) and im off Friday and Saturdays. I look forward to playing with everyone that is on the XBOX. I did us to be a PC player, then it just got retarded expensive to keep upgrading every 6 months to stay competitive. My XBOX Live is BOOMStickOrdie so please add me, it will be easier that way for me to know who is GRG. Ill add my profile pic and a detailed profile info later this evening. Thanks for allowing me to join!


Welcome to GRG

Welcome to the party. Where in FL are you?
and since you work at midnight, i can only assume that you made this post at work. you’ll fit right in.

Jacksonville Beach, Fl

Thanks for all the welcome’s!

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K.C. Chiefs!!

you walked into that one, he woulda said your answer sucks no matter what.

Ive dealt with plenty of Colts, Broncos and Patriots chode swingers before, nothing new.

im surprised your still awake tits. getting that vodka IV put in so you can keep playing TESO?

Maybe thats why I joined the Navy… hmm enlightenment

you just wanted to bring the new guy to bed with you.

Thats the same shit my wife calls herself, Superior being…


Welcome. Thank you for your service and for dealing with Tuttle’s Colts talk.

Welcome. We spoke briefly in party chat last night. I’m sure we’ll see each other in TESO at some point (when I can get back on). The wife is an RN and works night but the schedule bounces around a bit. Next time I’m on probably won’t be until Saturday morning when I get up and start drinking my morning coffee (usually by 7-7:30)

Fuckin anchor clankers! Welcome aboard

Welcome to the clan. if you can survive tuttle you have made it through. Just watch out for Gunny he will back door you when you are not looking.

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Welcome to the GRG, Boom! You’re maneuvering Tuttle well…looks like you’ve passed the first test!

I sent you a FR.

Just swipe left on Tuttle and he goes away.

Welcome to X1 side, ignore the PS4 shite talkers, jk

Welcome to the clan BOOMStick !!! I will be on the Xbox One ( gamer tag>> HAWKLANDER ) play COD AW , HALO MCC , Neverwinter , Smite and Titianfall ( Gunny’s favorite ) , World of Tanks ( when it comes to the Xbone soon ) and waiting on Black Ops III , expect and invite and don’t worry about Tuttle , he does not know that the Dallas Cowboys are the best NFL team ever !!!

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welcome to the clan !! I look forward to playing some cod soon…