Meet DinokVokun

Hey All!! My nane is Dave and my xbox live tag is DinokVokun. I am 39 years old. I am some what of a “rolling stone”. I live in central Wisconsin. Consoles i have are 360 and Xbox one. Right now I am playing Elder Scrolls Online, well when the servers will let me. I am new to mmo’s and new to forums. I just wanted to say thanks for having me and look forward to gaming with you all.


Welcome to the group. When you are on, someone will get you a guild invite.

Welcome to GRG! GT is TexasReaperCrew. See you on TESO

Cool. That reminds me i should have mentioned when i game. Im on weekdays from 3:00 pm till about 9:00 central time. Fridays-Sundays im always on

welcome to the clan! gamertag ezekielJP on xb1…should be getting teso sometime this week. look forward to seeing you around.

Welcome to the clan. FR sent your way.

Welcome to the group!!

Dino we rolled those fools in that 4 player quest a few days ago, a ton of fun. Probably the best 90 mins ive had so far on ESO. Welcome, glad you joined so we can roll some NPC’s again!

Welcome to the clan, send an invite when want to do a dungeon again.

Welcome to the clan, I added you to my friends list.

Welcome to the asylum.


Welcome to the group.

FR sent.

Welcome to the clan and good to see another Xbox player .


@grimdawg83 im an imperial templar (lvl 20)…sword and board…also destruction staff. I live in merrill, wi. Tiny little town north of milwaukee about 4 hours.