Metal Gear Solid V reveal

June 9th 6am - then embargo on MGSV is lifted.

At 6am pacific, kinda funny games on twitch.TV will be having a love Q&A and preview regarding the game.

I plan on checking it out in the afternoon. But if you’re bored, info is out there.

Alli will be happy

Is there going to be anything left to unveil at E3 at this rate?

It’s really just a preview of what the journalists played. Not a live gameplay reveal.

it sounds pretty awesome. heard from multiple sources.

its the same mechanics as ground zeros, but everything is more open. way bigger areas

it’s open world but there is still mission structere. so where as in the witcher, you go to “!” or “?” to get missions. in MGSV, there is a list of missions to pick, then you deplot into the area. the entire area is still open, and with enemies, but it seems a little more structured.

you can build out your base with different components. for example, if you capture enough animals, a Zoo area is built in your base. not sure why, but it sounds neat.

Buddy System - there is 4 “buddies” have been spoken about. A Horse, which is apparently has a lot better AI than Roach in The Witcher, There is a Dog which can spot, attack, and distract enemies, Quiet, who is a sniper that can take out targets, and a mini Walker that you can jump in. All of these buddies can level/gear up. Curious what else there is.

2 journalists say from what they have played this has a big shot at being GOTY.

thats the big stuff so far. I’m very excited for this game. if i hear more cool shit ill post it up.