Metal Gear Solid V

no hype from GRG? I cannot WAIT! I’m a huge Metal Gear fan, I seriously cannot wait for the online portion, I read it comes out in October though :frowning:

any thoughts??

pre-ordered today. im pretty excited for it. had my eye on it for awhile. i stil dont understand how the online part works.

I’ll grab it when it is on sale.

just about every online game does now adays, COD, BF, PvZ, toy soldiers, dont see what the big deal is. just dont buy them.

Picking up on Tuesday; warming up with Ground Zeroes this weekend.

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shit i forgot about ground zewros, i never played it.

Free through the end of the month - download it and play it before loading up Phantom Pain. It’s worth your time!

i bought it for $7 months ago lol.