Microsoft Unveils Project Scarlett Console: SSD, Ray Tracing, 2020 Debut -...

8k resolution? 120 fps? If it can push 120fps in two 1080p windows then we have VR. I would bet they will talk VR for next years or 2021s E3.


But is VR really the next big thing in gaming? How’s PSVR doing? Haven’t really heard much on it lately. I know occulus is gaining traction with their new system, but I just don’t see it. Not sure if I’m ready for ready player one, or lawnmower man.

I hear motion sickness is a major issue with a lot of people.

my son and i both don’t do well at WDW in the simulated motion stuff like star tours…not sure VR will be anything other than vomit inducing for me

I have a daydream, and it’s cool, but the novelty wears off quickly. My biggest issue is the pixel density in phones are too broad and it really doesn’t look good. I haven’t seen any of the other headsets to compare.

Pass on VR.

My oldest son was bummed this is so far out as he’s ready to replace the XBox S he has. I’m sure I’ll be upgrading my X as well.

VR is vomit inducing at low frame rates. If the device can push 120fps per eye then it is supposed to be tolerable for most people. I would like VR for simulation games and RPGs. Elite Dangerous would be awesome in VR, the newly announced Microsoft Flight Simulator, Skyrim. VR can be great for movies as well. You could don a headset and get a simulated movie theater sized screen. A friend told me that VR porn is nice, however I don’t watch porn so I wouldn’t know. :lying_face: