Middle-earth: Shadow of War Update Brings Online Fight Pits

Monolith Productions is one of many developers who have released updates for their games today. Instead of the traditional bug fixes that you would normally expect, they’ve added new content to Middle-earth: Shadow of War in the form of Online Fight Pits.

The Online Fight Pits give players another opportunity to train their Orc followers. In a fight to the death, player Orcs can battle against Uruks and Ologs from the armies of other players. A successful outcome will yield rewards and upgrades that can be used to make improvements to your army. Online Fight Pits are available now and you can take a look at the new trailer below to see what you can expect.

In addition, December 12th is the date to watch for the next piece of DLC for the game. The “Outlaw Tribe Nemesis Expansion” will add a new tribe fortress that includes an Overlord throne room, monuments and outposts. You also have a chance to obtain a Legendary gear set and additional challenges if you manage to hunt down the tribe’s Legendary Orc. The DLC is included as part of the Expansion Pass or it will be sold separately for £11.99 or regional equivalent.