Midyear Mayhem PVP and Orsinium Celebration Event!

The Midyear Mayhem PvP event has begun! Play any of The Elder Scrolls Online’s many PvP game modes to enjoy bonus rewards and XP. We’re also happy to announce that the Orsinium Celebration event is coming very soon. Read on for all the details!

The Midyear Mayhem has begun and will run until Monday, August 6 at 10:00AM EDT. During this period, you can earn bonus rewards and XP while fighting in Battlegrounds, Alliance War, and Imperial City. These bonuses include double AP, unique collectibles, and special reward boxes only available during Midyear Mayhem.

For everything you need to know about the event, check out our announcement article. Now get into the fight – glory awaits!

Are you ready to explore the home of the Orcs? From Thursday, August 2 at 10:00AM EDT until Monday, August 13 at 10:00AM EDT, you will be able to pick up the Orsinium DLC game pack and the limited Collector’s Bundle from the in-game Crown Store for big discounts off their regular Crown prices.

During the event, the Orsinium DLC game pack will be available for 750 Crowns (a huge 75% off). This massive DLC allows you to travel to the province of Wrothgar, experience an epic story, delve into two public dungeons, and test your might in the challenging Maelstrom Arena.

The Orsinium Collector’s Bundle will also be available for 2000 Crowns (60% off its original price) and features the base DLC game pack in addition to a fearsome Cave Bear mount, a Cave Bear Cub pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls.

In tandem with the DLC game pack, the Pariah’s Pinnacle home and the Malacath’s Chosen Furnishing Pack are returning to the in-game Crown Store for the duration of the event. If you missed your chance to own this mountain retreat, now is the time!

In addition to the sale on the DLC game pack, any brave adventurers who venture into Wrothgar will enjoy a host of bonus rewards for different activities in the zone, including:

Double items harvested from crafting nodes
Including Jewelry seams, but not including nodes spawned from Survey Reports
Double the rewards received from chests in Maelstrom Arena for both Veteran and Normal difficulties
Including Transmute Crystals and Maelstrom weapons!
Double the number of reward boxes received by completing Wrothgar’s daily quests

If you’re yet to experience the grand adventure that is found in the Orsinium DLC game pack, it’s time to hop onto the cart and begin your voyage to Wrothgar!

Tamriel’s fields of battle call to you, adventurer. Now is the time to fight for glory, wealth, or honor in ESO’s exciting PvP game modes. Then, whether you’re looking to stock up on rare materials and goods, experience a classic story of ambitious would-be kings, or want to show your worth in a challenging solo arena, the Orsinium Celebration Event brings newcomers and veterans alike to the home of the Orcs. Are you planning to fight your fellow players during the Midyear Mayhem event? Or perhaps you’re preparing for the long voyage to Wrothgar? Let us know on Twitter @TESOnline and Facebook.

The Midyear Mayhem event has now begun and will end on Monday, August 6 at 10:00AM EDT. The Orsinium Celebration Event begins on Thursday, August 2 at 10:00AM EDT and runs until Monday, August 13 at 10:00AM EDT.


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