Minecraft's new Jurassic World DLC lets players manage their own dinosaur theme park

Mojang Studios has announced a new Jurassic World DLC for Minecraft that allows players to craft over 60 different dinosaurs and create and manage their own dinosaur theme parks.


Announced over on the Minecraft Blog, the Jurassic Park DLC is available now and lets players manage their own Jurassic Park. The blog post mentions that over 60 dinosaurs can be created (including hybrids). Players can venture out on expeditions, build custom exhibits and revisit and recreate iconic moments from the Jurrasic Park franchise. The expansion includes 21 skins from across the five films.

Players can also create vehicles, and with their team of NPCs, go out on expeditions to discover new dinosaur DNA and solve disasters.

The Jurassic World DLC is available to purchase via the Microsoft Store for $7.99/£6.69. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the expansion includes any new achievements.