MLB The Show

I know I just saw a thread on this but can not find it. Who is getting this? Really want to get this but have never played and need someone to help me.

Here’s the thread.
Though they were talking about MLB '17 mostly.

Just a heads up The Show 18 doesn’t have online franchise mode.

Which means what? I’m just learning. RTTS is start a player from scratch. DD is open packs to build a team. What is online franchise?

Online Franchise would be what we used to all play a league together.

Oh well, I’m picking it up anyways.

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I have it. It’s great. It looks better than 17 on the Pro. I like how they have streamlined a lot of RTTS. Diamond Dynasty is probably my favorite right now because of the 3 inning games.

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I have always loved Road to the Show but 4 major gripes though I will stay play it.

  1. A minor one but when I am given a number on the team don’t have a coach on the field with the same number.

  2. Manager in the game tells me to steal (which I am not a speedster) and I typically get caught. Then eventually he pulls me in the office and yells at me for stealing too much.

  3. The nice thing about RTTS is during a series you can jump right to the next game. Unfortunately the weather effects don’t random up so there I have been times where I have had 9 straight games in drizzling rain. I have no clue how that gets missed when beta testing.

  4. Maybe it is a sliders thing but besides a pitch out I haven’t been pitched ball yet. Which of course does make hitting quite nice.

RE: #2: I had a coach after my freshman year who always complained that I played too far back and constantly told me to move in toward the infield, then chew me out when I got back to the dugout when a fly ball went over my head. Of course, the fly ball would have gone over my head unless I positioned myself at the warning track. And it may have had something to do with his kid being our “ace”.

RE: #4: You need to mess with the CPU pitching accuracy slider to get balls on any difficulty lower than the max, I’ve found. Seems every version this gen has had that problem.

I found switching to Dynamic for skill level works. The computer adjusts for your skill level.

Yea works great till you end up on Super Duper Hall of Fame mode and have home runs hit on you every other at bat. I finally had to turn it off at the most competitive difficulty for me. Waiting until I get to the majors until I fine tune it. 15k/game, 0.00 ERA, 5-0 record in my second year.

I quit using dynamic last year when one dribbler past SS bumped me up 2 levels.