MLB Thinks Logo For Overwatch's Pro League Could Be Too Similar To Its Own

Is the Overwatch League’s logo too similar to that of Major League Baseball’s?
That’s what MLB is looking into right now, and if something is to be done about it, time is running out.

As explained by law firm Morrison/Lee, Blizzard registered its Overwatch League logo image on March 28. At that time, anyone had 30 days to file an opposition, and MLB reportedly did that just one day before the deadline. MLB asked for an additional 90 days to look into the matter, and the Trademark Office approved the request right away.

The new deadline for MLB to file its notice of opposition is July 26, so if something is going to happen, we’ll know soon, it seems.

The logos do share some stylistic elements. For example, they are both rectangular with two main colours and a silhouette of a character in the middle. Both characters, Tracer and the batter, are facing left, and the names of the leagues are on the bottom in both.

As explained by Mashable, the MLB might be investigating the similarities between the trademarks over concerns that it might suggest a connection between Overwatch and MLB. Bolstering this is the fact that the Overwatch League has a connection with MLB already in that the owner of the New York Mets now owns an Overwatch League team.

The Overwatch League is Blizzard’s official pro gaming league dedicated to the hero-based shooter. Last week, Blizzard announced the first seven team owners, and among them are New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Mets owner Jeff Wilpon.

Tell Manfred to stfu and find bigger fish to fry