MLG Fortnite Event 4/14

It’s time to get MLG just like Lala Calamari and get some WINS in Fortnite. It’s his latest addiction. Lala Calamari is looking to handicap himself by allowing GRG to tag along.

Lala Calamari will fire up an XBox Party Chat. Join to experience greatness!

Discord Event

Will it be the no build mode? If so, I am in.

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AKA, the old man version?

Excited Hell Yeah GIF by UFC

I’m loving the No Build version.

Warning: I just run towards gunfire.

I had to quit playing because of the building. That’s why I moved to Apex. Son was telling me about the new mode. I will download.

Fun games last night. Thanks for those that partied up. @Selden007 @DieHardCubFN @Lala_Calamari and even @Giddy

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I was a bit late to the event. Got involved with upgrading my kid’s paintball gun and drinking lots of beer.

Anyway, couldn’t lead the squad to a win. Probably would have had better success herding cats.