Modern Warfare 2 Raids confirmed for Season 1 Reloaded: Spec Ops mode revealed

According to a Call of Duty blog, Modern Warfare 2’s Raids will be arriving in Season 1 Reloaded, which is the mid-season update for Modern Warfare 2 Season 1.

The introduction of Raids will bring three missions to the game’s Spec Ops mode, “all taking place in Al Mazrah,” which is the new Warzone 2.0 map.

Here are the names and descriptions for all three Raids coming to Modern Warfare 2 in Season 1 Reloaded:

  • Bad Situation
    • “Infiltrate a town in the dead of night to uncover intel and evidence left behind by Al Qatala before exfiltrating. Stealth is key to survival.”
  • Vehicle Escape
    • “Multiple SAM turrets are preventing reinforcements from entering Al Mazrah. With the help of a vehicle, navigate through the winding streets of a suburb to destroy them; then speed over to the exfil plane to escape.”
  • Observatory Defence
    • “A love letter to fans of survival modes — defend the observatory from increasingly difficult waves of enemies attempting to detonate bombs. Between each wave, Operators can spend cash to get items, such as Killstreaks, Self-Revive kits, and armor plates.”

Modern Warfare 2 Raid classes

When playing a Raid in Modern Warfare 2, “Operators will have access to a Backpack to store equipment and one of three Kits that are similar to a set of Perks, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks in Multiplayer.”

Here are all of the classes that players will need to select from in Modern Warfare 2’s Raids:

  • Assault: Kit focused on increased armor with an Armor Box Field Upgrade — later levels include faster Loadout item usage, increased armor capacity, and free Stims included in the Backpack.”
  • Medic: Kit focused on quicker revives with a Stim Pistol Field Upgrade for ranged instant revives — later levels include a free Bomb Drone, similar benefits to the Double Time Perk, and free Claymores and anti-tank mines included in the Backpack.”
  • Engineer: Kit focused onbetter equipment usage with a Snapshot Pulse Field Upgrade to see nearby enemies — later levels include the ability to automatically restock Lethals and Tacticals over time, the ability to carry extra equipment, and a free Heartbeat Sensor and Spotter Scope included in the Backpack.”