Monday Night Halo

Grex will be running a room on Halo. Arana, BTB or Customs depending on how many we get. Singup let me know and feel free to crash the party if you jump on. Get ready to tea bag some GRG members.

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This is a reoccurring event night for Dec. Monday nights Halo Action.

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I’ll be on for every Monday for this.

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I’ll be there, still going through clips from this Monday

Quick bump to remind everyone about this! Hopefully we can run another night of Custom games!

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I’ll be there

I may actually join tonight in hopes of just annoying the hell out of Lala.

Good games last night. I think we had 14 at one point and were able to play some BTB maps. Hopefully we’ll have new maps for next week’s Halo match.

BTW, I forgot how much I enjoyed teabagging @FetalInjury. Hell, he even had his mouth open when I did it. :laughing:

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I was lagging most of the games had to reset my router finally got it working good damn TWC

I saw no teabagging. I thought that was a tic tac and a couple of m&m’s.

Reminder that we have da Haloz on tap for tonight. I’ve been stretching all morning to prepare for the massive amounts of teabagging I’ll do tonight.

Remember, it’s bad form to shoot some one while they’re bagging.

Bump to remind you fools it’s Halo night! Hopefully we get enough for some custom games!

Crap I forgot it was Halo night been working to much.

Halo started out rough but we had a bunch of great games later in the night. Hooked up with some old 2Old2Play guys and snagged a few very last minute wins. Very exciting.

BTW, the new BTB map called Antifreeze can suck it. Just plain garbage.

Yea I don’t care for it I was having fun the other day going off lifts and ground pounding in strongholds though. Got a triple kill one time lol.

Now I know it’s EST… I should be on every other week.


Bumping thread, it’s Monday Night Halo!

Who’s in for tonight?

Count me in been wrecking the after holiday noobs.

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I may cancel this due to lack of interest for tonight. If you guys want to play Halo, let me know. Otherwise I’ll just join GRG in ARK to rebuild our base.

I know I am on vacation but should be on tonight. We can always just run pub Arena matches or Btb with whoever shows up.