Monday night lfg 02-25


Hey all monday funday is upon us so lets get the begining of the week blues outa the way by squadding up put down below what your playin tonight to forget the dreadfulness of what is monday @PlayStationPlayers @AnthemPlayers @codplayers @destinyplayers @Fallout76Players @battlefieldplayers @PCGamers

Ill be on the shiny new penny anthem @PlayStationPlayers @AnthemPlayers. Gotta say way better than expected. Still has its quirks but overall good launch weekend


Make sure to post up what you’ll be in.

@TwistedGunsmith is looking for some @AnthemPlayers and @PlayStationPlayers

I’ll be anthem-ing as much as i can…I have a conference call at 9pm…so before and after of course

@anthemplayers if I get on tonight.

Won’t be around tonight.
Should be on Tue-Thurs though.

I’ll be on Destiny, at least for a bit

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Ill be on anthem around 9 eastern 8 central @PlayStationPlayers

Good games of Blackout with @beers_and_leafs and @Johneffinggalt last night!