Monster Hunter World continues to progress forward

Anyone heard of the Monster Hunter series…mostly up until now, it was a handheld game. But now it is breaking and making its presence on consoles and PC. To get a quick run down…check out our mega thread on it, but then come back and continue read what i got for ya.

With the January 26th release date not far away. The developers are still at work and have even announced that they are thinking of doing post-launch updates FREE. These updates would add new monsters for the continue game play for any and all users.

Now if you played on the handheld you should be familiar with some of the games mechanics. Are you just going to go out and hack’n’slash all these epic monsters…LOL…Hell No. Not to give all the gameplay away…but there is prepping for missions as you progress through the game and start to hunt the bigger badder monsters. Going to a biome that is extremely hot…well you might have to prep for that.

Also…refreshing new concepts/ideas have been able to come to the Monster Hunter game now with the limitation of the handhelds. Region free…yep, no region locks…hunters all over the world will be united. So if you are looking for that Co-Op experience, you are just a few clicks away.

No Zoning. This one is HUGE for me. In the previous games the different Biomes were separated by loading screens. Giving a small pause inbetween travels and monster chases…or running from monsters. NOT ANY MORE…Now Hunters will be traversing One MASSIVE Map, comprising everything from ocean to jungle to desert.

Monster Behaviors/AI. Expect to walk into a believable living ecosystem. Observe creatures interact with each other and react to your presence. You might witness a large monster hunting and consuming smaller wildlife or notice that the monster your hunting is limping indicating a weak point.

And I leave you with this video to ‘ooh and awe’ over.

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I haven’t played any of the previous titles.
Tried jumping into the demo, figured it would give me a tutorial or some hints.


It didn’t even (really) tell me the controls.
The demo is also time-limited and then when I started a quest (I’m pretty sure) it decreased the time remaining.
I think that the quests themselves are always time-limited, but since I didn’t know WTF I was doing, this kind of rushed me.

I just about managed to beat the thing to death in time. Though I’m pretty sure my weapon choice, tactics and general movement were all poor.

Gameplay could be interesting, though seemed a little limited.
Demo itself? Pretty poor. Which was a shame.

yeah…the quests can be time limited. Now I wasnt able to do the demo. But I do know that you are able to open world explore without questing. You can even find and fight the Big Monsters in the open world.

Hopefully they do another open beta to give players a chance to get famiiar with the game. Cause unfortunately this game has been pretty much a hand-held series. Although it has been definitely been a big success on the hand helds, I am hoping that it is just the same for the new platforms.