Monster Hunter World - Nergigante - HALP!?!?!

Monster Hunter World is not a respecter of people’s time.
Monster Hunter World does not care about your feelings.
Monster Hunter World is a fickle cunt and goddammit I love her.

So I’ve hit the “2nd” wall in the game in High Rank. Nergigante. I’ve tried to fight him twice. Once with a group (disaster), and once by myself. I managed to get him down to his “death” phase. But then the slightest breeze from his wings would graze my cheek and send me into oblivion.

I mean…come on. I know this game is difficult. But I feel like some of these monsters need to be made higher rank non-story monsters. Because…goddamn. They are TOUGH.

Any suggestions? My gear is a electro charge sword (so I’ve got a shield to partially cover my ass), a Legiana helm with divine blessing 2, and the rest of my gear is all Odogaran stuff, with various attack boost gems, and a evade amulet.

I use a demon drug and armorskin potion just before I start the fight, and the vitality mantle. My palico is equipped with the vigorwasp, and he can do poison damage. Though I may swap him over to do blunt force damage.

The first two phases I hang back and let him charge at me, then I dive under him and wail away for a few hits. Dodge roll out and put up the shield. That works for a while. Then I get to the final phase in his “nest” area.

When he goes to sleep I put down to mega barrel bombs (like barrel bombs…but MEGA), set them off and wail on him some more while he’s trying to figure out who just shit in his cheerios.

That’s when it all goes horribly wrong. He’ll rear up and start doing his dive bomb one-hit-kill attack. Which for the most part I can avoid. Until I can’t. Stun. Death slam. Faint. Repeat until mission fail.

Not sure what to do gents. I’ve tried looking at Youtube and most of them are just “git gud” vids or armor and shit I can’t use because I have to get past Nergigante to get said items.


I’m at the same spot and am about to give it a go later today. Happy to help out anytime if you want to group up.


Sounds good. What time you gonna be on?

Will be on here and there throughout the weekend. Definitely early tomorrow AM before the Mrs wakes. I need to farm a Tobiachi or two to finish the next tier electric sword, then will be ready to give it a shot.

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I got just my full set of dodogama armor just for this fight…and I am rocking a Poison Hammer too… So if there is a party hitting this beast up tonight…PING ME…ready to take this fcker out.

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I dunno if it’s better to run with a group or go solo. If you run with a group, they all pull from the same faint pool. But solo, you don’t have any breathing room if you need to sharpen a weapon or get some health.

I’ve tried 3 different times today. Failed every time. It’s getting frustrating.

I’m thinking a team of two is best. That way you get the extra fire power but also get to keep your cats in play for the diversions etc.

I’m about to try for first time now… :crossed_fingers:


Yeah that didn’t work. Got to final lair and then dove bomb me to the final cart.

Apparently the difficulty of 2 players is the same at 4 players…

ie…it does scale up…just a solo or multiplayer difficulty from what i was reading the other day.

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Hit me up and ill help. Managed to finally drop him. Took 6 tries. Bailing after 2nd faint so we didnt lose all our spent potions and whatnot.

I’m going to give him another go tonight for certain now that I got one of the upper tiered swords which he’s weak to. Also going to bring more flash pods and try to keep him stunned as much as possible.


I try to keep 3 flash pods and 10 flash bugs on me whenever I fight a winged monster. If you can time it just right when he is momentarily off of the ground you should be able to stun him to the ground for a small down. I haven’t got the timing right yet, but technically it is possible.

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Im gonna be on tonight if anyone wants to try. I need to kill him 3 or 4 more times for the weekly limited bounty.

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Just completed the mission after a few failed attempts. Figured out the flash pods really were key. That, and was able to delay it going back to it’s nest by intercepting which made the final stage easier too.