Monthly PS+ Game Night w/ Audible Silence

These games are free, so no harm in trying them. I Don't expect this months' to be another Rocket League but it could still be a good time for a few hours.

I should be on about 8:00 pm. This game is FREE so go to the PS store to download it.

Rival vs Rival

It’s tracks vs tires, armored tanks vs Fast Attack Vehicles (FAVs), in an all-terrain battle-fest of online multiplayer vehicular action.

Plow through a range of unique combat arenas, claiming bounties, completing Challenges and wreaking terrible vengeance upon old adversaries. With multiple battle modes, regular community events and a range of perks to unlock as you progress, there’ll always be a chance to settle the score.

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Could be fun! It reminds me of twisted metal

That’s what I was thinking


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